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Here you will find an overview of the different courses HSP Coach Barbera has to offer. Click on the image for more information or buy the course directly via the "Buy Now" button.

Sensitive Success

Free Mini-course to help you get beter results with less effort, more fun & more energy. In just 3 steps you will learn what you need to implement to see your sensitivity as a gift, to connect with your hearts desires and to feel like your effortless self while running your business succesfully.

Forever Free

Forever free helps you let go of stress, fears, negative thinking & resistance and connects you to your passion by using easy to follow along EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping sessions that have an incredibly powerful effect and will leave you feeling better than before.


Chakra Healing

Dutch course to help you heal your chakra's with guided meditations, exercises and lot's of info on the chakra's themselves. The result will be:
increases vitality & inner peace and a greater self-awareness. You will create space for who you really are.


HSP Core Strength Formula

The HSP Core Strength Formula contains all the basic information you need to not only remain standing in today's world, but also to thrive in it. You will learn how to connect to your inner strength, trust in your intuition and be the boss of your emotions, your energy and your stress level, so you get to decide how (energetic) you feel.


HSP Energy Rescue Formula

The HSP Energy Rescue Formula contains all the tools you need to protect and restore your energy, reduce your stress level and master your emotions. You will learn how to be the manager of your emotions, your energy and your stress level, how to protect your energy and yourself and how to let go of energy/emotions you picked up during the day.


Unleash Your Awesome 

The Unleash Your Awesome Formula Module contains everything you need to unconditionally love & accept yourself for who you are so you can unleash their awesome into the world. You will learn everything there is to know about your sensitivity, your strengths & weaknesses and how you can be happy, feel self-confident and heal the parts of your inner self that have been hurt in the past.


Appeasing Your Perfectionist

The Appeasing Your Perfectionist Formula contains everything you need to come to terms with your perfectionisme, to relinquish your need for control and to let things go more easily. You will learn what perfectionism means to youhow to lower your expectations, how to cut yourself (and others) some slack and how to let go, surrender, stop worrying all the time and start trusting in yourself.


Transform Limiting Beliefs 

The Transform Limiting Beliefs Formula contains everything you need to find out what is holding you back from achieving greatness and to heal yourself in the process. You will learn what limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving greatness and how to transform those limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs, how to re-program your auto pilot programs when the existing ones are negative and you will also learn an ancient healing ritual that will help you let go of things that are no longer serving.


Passion Power Formula

The Passion Power Formula contains everything you need to discover your passion, connect with it and turn your passion into profit. You will learn to dream BIG and to let all limiting beliefs about dreaming big. You will find out what your passion is, how to purposfully connect to that passion and how you can turn that passion into profit. You will also learn what fears are holding you back, how to overcome those fears and how to turn your BIG dream into an actionable step-by-step goal plan, so you will achieve your BIG dream with pleasure and energy to spare.


Fast Focus Formula

The Fast Focus Formula contains everything you need to become a rockstar at focussing, scheduling & planning. You will learn what influences your focus & concentration, which steps you need to take to deal with the distractions that are hindering your focus, how to increase your productivity by focussing on the essentials and how to plan your workload in a way that minimizes your struggle with focus, so you can plan ahead more effectively and you’ll always know the next step.


Abundance Mindset Formula

The Abundance Mindset Formula contains everything you need to become abundant in every area of your life so you can create the life that you always dreamed about. You will learn that having an abundance mindset helps you to dream BIG and to think that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.  You will learn to embrace and accept change, to appreciate the fact that change often leads to more positive outcomes, how to step out of your comfort zone to go after the things you want in life and to face the fear and do it anyway, without letting your fears hold you back.


Daily Flow Formula

The Daily Flow Formula contains everything you need to keep yourself in flow throughout the day and to transform stress into momentum. You will learn how a state of flow produces intense feelings of enjoyment, how you can increase your feelings of competence and efficiency how to use the tools in the Morning Toolkit, the Evening Toolkit and the Daytime toolkit and how to keep yourself in that daily momentum, so you can be completely focused and involved in what you’re doing and lose track of yourself, your worries and all concerns while feeling. inspired and motivated


Client Attraction Formula

The Client Attraction Formula contains everything you need to find and connect with your ideal clients and make them an offer they cannot resist! You will learn how to create your ideal client Avatar, what makes you unique and interesting, how to design your personal story in a way that, number one: attracts customers, number two: grows your brand and creates a brand that's authentic and real to you, and three: your story is your message. Because your story is your message.


Soulful Marketing Formula

The Soulful Marketing Formula contains everything you need to do marketing from the heart that is good for the soul, attracts the right clients and uses one of your greatests gifts, your intuition! You will learn all about your target market, how to find your specific niche,  how you can make a clear and concise promise to your ideal clients that assures them that you will deliver value to them,how to write your marketing plan, marketing strategy and mission & vision statements, and how you can use your intuition to be even more successful in your marketing efforts.


Heartfelt Sales Formula

The Heartfelt Sales Formula contains everything you need to have sales conversations from the heart, to handle objections with ease and to close more deals and get more sales! You will learn how to prepare for your sales conversation, how to make rapport with your clients, what the different phases of a sales conversation are, how to influence your prospect, how to handle objections and how to close the deal by asking for the sale, the order or the contract.



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