Learn How to Clear Your Fear!

Learn How to Clear Your Fear with this Easy To Follow Along EFT (Emotional Freedome Techniques) Video that will Show you Exactly how to Get Rid of Your Fear Once and for All!

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  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS - after you have followed along with the video and have done all the steps you will have cleared your fear for good.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE - just follow the step-by-step tapping motions as I explain them in the video and repeat after me, it's easy and its very simple. 
  • TAPPING - each step is accompanied by tapping on specific meridian points in a specific sequence.
  • SPECIFIC WORDS - each step is also accompanied by saying specific words along with the tapping on the meridian points.
  • GREAT BENEFITS - after clearing your fear it will become much easier to live from authenticity and happiness and to guard yourself from feeling overwhelmed.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY - the video is available to view on your mobile, tablet or laptop/pc.


What is EFT and how does it work?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a form of self-therapy where you tap out loud both the problem that you are facing and the solutions to your problem.

The Carate Chop

To perform the set-up, tap on the karate chop point (see image) and repeat your chosen set-up phrase three times.

Tapping Points

Tap through all the points shown on the image, tapping each around 5-10 times (starting with the top of the head and working down one side of your body only).

How EFT Works

With EFT, you tap near the end points of specific energy meridians in your body to promote physical and emotional healing.

The Tapping is done with two or more fingertips. This is so you can cover a larger area and thereby insure that your Tapping covers the correct point.

While you can tap with the fingertips of either hand, most people use their dominant hand. You tap approximately 5 times on each point.

Where there are two identical points on each side of the body, you can choose to do only one side or both.

Before beginning a series of tapping, rate the intensity of how you are feeling from 0-10 (10 being the most upset).This will measure how often you may need to repeat the tapping series.

Read the script out loud along with the video, allowing your emotions to be heard.

Are you Ready To Let Go Of Your Fear(s)?

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